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July 2001
Issue 4

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The July, 2001 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Kathy Scott’s Moose in the Water/Bamboo on the Bench

Moose, as the title of this fine volume is often abbreviated, is a thrill for insiders. Bamboo rodmakers, especially those who haunt the rodmaking listserv and the conclaves, will find a mirror cast before them; if they are blind to themselves, they will at least see a host of acquaintances. The surface irony is that this “insider’s” tribute was composed by the wife of a man who was making his second rod, not his twelfth or twentieth or....

R.E. Milward’s Bamboo Fact, Fiction and Flyrods

Bamboo: Fact, Fiction and Flyrods by Bob Milward is a truly groundbreaking text on the art of making split bamboo fly rods. You might ask how this could be when there are already so many texts on the subject. The answer is simple. Until now, no one has ever undertaken such an extensive look at the science...


JW Flyrod’s Rod Wrapper

While cruising the web one night a few months back, I happened upon Jerry Wall’s website (www.jwflyrods.com). Jerry has always had a great reputation for building quality bamboo flyrods, and an even...

The Planes of Eastern Maine

Maine winters are long, too long, unless of course you like long quiet hours in the shop, time to reflect, work on a new
16-foot canoe for those North Country ponds, and a new rod or two. I have always admired hand tools, maybe for the same reasons I like long winters....

The Incomplete Angler’s Guide to Selecting a Bamboo Fly Rod

The title of this selection could lead one to believe that there is something missing if an angler’s arsenal lacks a cane rod but I’d never be that presumptuous!?! On the other hand if you are like many of the guys I run into, a finely crafted split bamboo fly rod...

Rodmaker Profile: A.J. Thramer

Good fortune led me to A.J. Thramer six years ago, while searching for a quality set of nickel silver ferrules. Finding nickel silver ferrules in my home town is like catching big trout on the Metolius River. I was referred to A.J. by more than one local fly shop who equated the name Thramer...


Nymph Fishing and Bamboo Rods

One rarely sees the words “nymph” and “bamboo fly rod” used in the same sentence, however, all the fundamental nymph fishing techniques in use today are the direct result of people fishing bamboo..


Making Bamboo Ferrules

Many, including myself, were very skeptical when the prospect of bamboo ferrules was first brought up. The thought of not using nickel silver for ferrules was just unheard of, and we thought surely they would be...


The Montanan Taper

”The Montanan” is a nice 7 1/2’ 3 pc. 5wt. It began as a Young Para 14, but I shortened it, made it a 3 piece rod and changed the butt section some. It’s a nice...

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