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January 2009
Issue 34

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The January, 2009 issue of Power Fibers contains:

SRG 2008 Report

Where: on banks the White River at Fulton's Lodge near Mountain Home, AR.

This is the second time I have been able to attend the SRG. I first heard of it while visiting Tony Spezio in the summer of 2003. Unfortunately I was usually in Mountain Home during the summer months and wasn't able to arrange a trip at the right time...

Fly Tying Hair Stacker

For this project I have chosen a buckeye burl bottle stopper blank and pen blank...


Myths and Beliefs About Bamboo Ferrules

After reading the great discussion about Bamboo ferruled rods at The Classic Fly Rod Forum, I made some "quotes" to let you know my point of view.

“The ferrules have a habit of coming apart however, which is pretty frustrating.”

That results typically from a "non-tapered" ferrule. The tuning has to be...

Water/Oil Stone Vise

Well, all you water and oil stone users will be delighted to know that it is possible to use my jig with your stones!

While on a long bus ride across coastal Uruguay, I got to thinking again about the problem of using my jig with water stones or oil stones. An earlier, very elaborate solution, did not work....

Rodmaker Profile: John Channer

"I'm pretty much an ordinary working dude who found out he could make a bamboo fly rod and has been lucky enough to find some folks who like them."

Lemme see, where to start? I'm 56 now and have been building bamboo rods for 11 years. I work a full time job....

Making a Winding Check

If you have a lathe, making a winding check is really easy. A winding check can be made from different metals, wood or plastic. The procedure is the same.

You can use a standard tool bit or shape one to your desired radius...


7’6” Heddon Featherweight

The James Heddon’s Sons Co. had a long history of bamboo rodmaking. James Heddon started the firm in 1902. They began selling bait rods in 1906, but made no fly rods until 1924. It is estimated that by by1940 the company had turned out 100,000 fly rods. Only a few firms like Heddon and Granger put out rods in such quantity without sacrificing quality. Heddon’s first fly rod was made in only one grade, “the best.” Later, several more models were introduced...


Bamboo Ferrules - An Overview 

Billy's original design (butt over tip) is still my favorite for simplicity of build and aesthetics. I am anxious to try to incorporate Alberto and Gabriele's "streamlined" design into Bill's butt over tip method.

Let’s get this started by saying the bamboo rod is a remarkable invention in and of itself. A natural grass, utilized in such a unique fashion, yet so perfectly suited...


The Mortised Handle - EXPOSED!!

Hex, quad, penta and octagonal, impregnated, nodeless, hollow, fluted, all kinds of ways to go about the construction of a bamboo fly rod. I'm sure I missed a few but this isn't about all the different kinds, it's about one particular type of construction for one type of bamboo rod.

Personally, I think that this type of fly rod is overlooked. It is aesthetically pleasing...

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