July 2012
Issue 48

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The July, 2012 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Wrapping Ferrules and Tips

For the quite some time, I have struggled wrapping ferrules on butts, mids, and delicate tips. Typically, I will hang the ferrule over one support and the other end is unsupported. The problem I run into with one end hanging freely is the wrap tension becomes inconsistent as the “free” end flexes under the thread tension, especially when the ferrules are small. If I bring the supports close enough to support the free end, there is little to no room to get my hands in there....

The Enjoyment (at Times!) of Bamboo Rodmaking

Winter months in western Pennsylvania are typical. With the snow comes a little fly tying, some steelhead fishing, and the anticipation of another year of catching trout. For my uncle, John Cammisa, and me, last winter brought something else with it: The Catskill Gathering Rod Competition requirements. Sheer excitement? Doubtful. Something better to do aside from shoveling snow? Absolutely. As most bamboo rodmakers can attest...


Stepping Down

I have a creek located a few city blocks from my house that I often visit for a couple hours in the morning. Actually my favorite place on Cibolo Creek is a bit farther at four miles from my door.

This is where I enjoy fishing a Midge. I decided to make a copy of my Midge and only fish the original occasionally. First off was to duplicate the step down ferrule. I have not seen anything written on making a step down ferrule so I decided to document how I did this...

Stabilizing Wood

Some folks think this is dangerous so let me preface this with the statement that I have never heard of one accident caused by vacuum in a large glass jar.

We are using 'vacuum' not pressure. If the container was to let loose under vacuum you'd be looking at imploding not exploding.

On a perfect day you may get 28" of mercury...

Sulfuric Acid Anodizing

I have been making fly reels on "table top" machine tools. To achieve an acceptably low weight, many of the parts are aluminum. Other home shop reel makers often choose to leave their aluminum parts unfinished, allowing the aluminum to acquire a "patina" of natural oxides...

Bamboo Winding Check

The idea is to make a winding check from the butt cut-off of another heavier rod. This can look fairly attractive as shown in pictures 1 & 2.

At first glance you may think: What’s the big deal? Why are you writing instructions about this? All you have to do is find a cut-off that is big enough to accommodate the rod shaft just ahead of the grip, drill it out and you are done... 

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