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April 2003 - Issue 11

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The April, 2003 issue of Power Fibers contains:


bridgeRodmaker’s Workshop to Be Held at Catskill Fly Fishing Center

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is proud to announce a Cane Rod Building School this coming fall.

The dates for this workshop....


Salem Bamboo Rod Casting Demonstration a Success
(by Don Chen)

This is a note about the Salem Bamboo Rod Casting Demonstration event held in conjunction with the Santiam Flycaster’s Annual Fly Fair.  Overall, the attendance at the event was down from last year.  Several things were responsible:  the ongoing conflict in Iraq, the downturn in the Oregon economy, demonstrations in Salem, and recurring cleanup of...


Traditionally Modern
(by Mark Wendt)

There aren’t many days that go by where I don’t get a chuckle or two reading emails posted on the rod maker’s listserv.  Some are down in the gut belly laughs.  Don’t get me wrong, the list is chock full of learned makers, willing to spew forth their knowledge...


Two Divine Tapers
(by Doug Easton)

The Divine Rods, according to Michael Sinclair, are unusually pretty; often unique in character and highly under rated.  This issue’s “Classic Tapers” column is devoted to two Divine Rods from my collection.  These rods are about...


Wes Jordan’s Cross Rods
(by Ralph Shuey)

Ever since I read Dick Spurr’s book “Wes Jordan - Profile of a Rodmaker,” I have been facinated with Cross Rods.  Not so much the later versions produced by South Bend, but the original Lynn, Mass. series of rods.

A couple of years...


Roughing and Tapering Under Power
(by Bob Maulucci)

I have been on a quest to get my milling machine up and running for quite a while now.  It is an interesting process, one that causes the hand planer to have to think out of the box.  Sometimes it means that you need to learn....


To Stop or Not to Stop
(by Joe Byrd)

To stop or not to stop, that is the question.  I am not trying to emulate Shakespeare here, but am only trying to answer my own question about what to do with my Morgan Handmill to get easily reproducible strips each time I mill.

Please do not get me wrong here.  Nothing in this article...


The Dangerous Petition
(by Robert Milardo)

The following events happened, and occasionally as described.  Please keep this in mind.  The story includes the unusual language and sometimes deeds of Republicans and Conservatives, but of course, no sex.  The writer assumes no responsibility for his generation or any other...


Splitting and Signing Cane
(by Tony Spezio)

I had acquired a five blade Hida splitter from a list member.  The first time I used it I thought to myself, “If the splitter can split five strips, why not 10 or 15?”  So, I gave it a try.  The first set of splits were split to around 8” from the bottom of the culm...


Innovative New Tool Offerings
(by Bob Maulucci)

There are many tools that come into my shop.  Some come for a visit, some come for good.  The J.D. Wagner Binder is one device that I cannot see myself parting...


The Mother of All Ovens
(by Mark Wendt)

A while back, there was a big discussion on the rodmakers listserv about heat-treating ovens.  Most of us are familiar with the type of oven that Wayne Cattanach’s book describes...


Setting & Fitting Ferrules by Hand
(by Dave Collyer)

When I started building bamboo flyrods, one of the most intimidating tasks was setting and fitting ferrules.  All the books I read and all the talking with others said, “you have to have several hundreds of dollars worth of power tools to accomplish this task correctly.”  Well already spending...


Make Your Own:  Agate Stripping Guides
(by Eric Ryan)

I finished my first bamboo rod - a Nunley 504a.  I remembered seeing an image somewhere on the Internet of a professional rodmaker’s tools for making his own agate stripping guides.  Although I could not find this image again, it stuck in my head...


Steelhead on the Fly, Part Two
(by Bob Maulucci)

Last issue, we looked at the preparation, rods and building techniques that can bring success when fishing for lovely, silver-sided steelhead trout.  This time, I’d like to focus a little on...

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