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April 2006 - Issue 23

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The April, 2006 issue of Power Fibers contains:


A Different approach to Making Mortised Butt Rods   (By Al Medved)

After seeing the 1980 Thomas and Thomas ‘One of One,’ the 1983 ‘The Fountainhead’ and Jeff Wagner’s beautiful presentation rods, I knew I had to try to build a mortised butt rod.  After many failed attempts, I finally came up with a system that met with the following criteria.  I wanted a dramatic swell that makes a smooth transition with the cork handle.  I also wanted to use a standard (non-mortised) reel seat.

To accomplish these goals, I had to make a two-piece butt...


The Yellowstone Cuttie-Thon
(by Zac Sexton)

I stood in complete darkness on the Yellowstone River’s east bank, accompanied by the only true loves of my life, Agape my bamboo fly rod, and Mojo my Llewellyn English Setter. Our mission: fish continuously by wading upstream for 27 miles.

Many rods could have accompanied me on the first fly-fishing marathon, but only one made the cut. Mike Peck, a friend with whom I grew up fishing the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, made this rod. I have been fishing bamboo...


On Straighter Strips
(by Jake Andrews)

For quite awhile, I fought the little "divots," for lack of something else to call them that would appear at the nodes, usually on one side and then the other. They were gaps in the strips and unacceptable. The only way I could make them disappear was to plane the strip on each side until it was flattened out 100%. When doing this amount of planing on one area, it would be undersized in that area.

I had entertained the idea of sawing strips for a few years but didn't want to break with tradition.  After some research...


Ray Gould Given Letcher Lambuth Award
(by Richard Hedges)

On February 21st , Ray Gould, of Edmonds, Washington, was presented with the Letcher Lambuth Angling Craftsman Award by the Washington Fly Fishing Club. The Washington Fly Fishing Club is one of the oldest fly fishing clubs in the US. Letcher was one of the founding members of WFFC in 1939 and himself, was a maker of cane rods. One of Letcher’s bamboo creations was a spiral rod, which was twisted 60 degress between each guide.  Letcher also worked tirelessly....


Making a Furled Leader
(by J.H. Fenner)

Prior to trying a furled leader, I had used leaders made from "hard" monofilament, "soft" monofilament, those with "flat" and "woven" butt sections, and ones made of dental floss.  None of these were as flexible as I would have liked, and all of them caused me that dreaded "drag" problem. (Or maybe my poor casting and presentation did!)  Anyway, the limpness of furled leaders really caught my attention!  Here is some information....


Classic Taper: Abercrombie & Fitch
Yellowstone Special
(by Doug Easton)

Abercrombie and Fitch was the longest lived of the New York tackle houses, operating from the turn of the 20th century until the 1970’s. Originally founded by David Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch, the company was sold to Fitch 1908 and moved to Madison Ave. and 45th where it remained until it closed. A forerunner of Bass Pro, the shop was cavernous....


Rodmaker Profile:  Ralph Moon
(by Bret Reiter)

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Ralph Moon via the RODMAKERS List and over the phone.  I have never met him in person but we have become friends and it is always a pleasure when we correspond.  Some time back I phoned Ralph....


Wooden’ It Be Nice
(by Peter Dallman)

This article will explore two topics: what constitutes a complete angler, and a rediscovery in rod building using wood. I am going tell you where I think a new avenue in the art of fly-fishing is about to. I think some of us will rediscover the lost arts of the past like so many outdoorsmen have done in their respective sports, . This trend has happened successfully in shooting and archery. Let’s examine these two examples and why bamboo fly rod makers are probably....


Classic Flies:  Catskills Style
(by Bret Reiter)

When I first started fly tying there were no Swisher-Richards books out there and there was no Caucci and Nastaussi either.  The only thing that was to be had was either Trout by Joe Brooks or A Stream Side Guide.  I never even heard of a compara dun or a para drake, so how was I ever to tie one of these?

My first introduction to fly tying came from a book that my Dad gave me that was put out by The Rogan of the Donegal in Ireland. Unlike most people....


RodDNA Workshop
(by Chris Bogart)

This is the fourth in RodDNA Tips and Tricks articles. The first Number Magic article covered one method of inputting a rod taper into RodDNA that was not taken on 5” increments. The purpose of that article was to show how you could put any irregular taken rod tapers into RodDNA. When you have a taper with regular intervals other than the default 5” that is initially displayed in RodDNA there is a handy dandy tip that makes entering that taper easily.  The example I used in the first Number Magic was a Hawes taper...

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