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12/17/2014 update:   The October issue is finally available.


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Power Fibers is published in Adobe Acrobat format.  To view the magazine, you must download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can get it here.  If you’re having problems downloading the issue, try to do a Right-Click on the link, select “Save Target As” (or something like that) and save the issue to your hard drive.  Then, read the issue that has been downloaded to the hard drive.

The Current issue (October, 2014) of Power Fibers contains:


CarpenterCarbon Fiber vs. Nickel Silver
(by Cris Carpenter)

When it comes to ferrules, I have always been fascinated with alternative materials.  After completing some of my first rods, I wasn’t satisfied with the more traditional components and knew I needed to go in a different direction.

About seven years ago, I started experimenting with alternative material ferrules. For a short time I had my eyes on fiberglass.  There were several problems with fiberglass.....(Download the issue here)


SpezioRattan Wrapper
(by Tony Spezio)

I had wrapped a few grips by hand when I decided to build a wrapper.

This photo shows the wrapper. It is a wood base with a length.....(Download the issue here)


McGuireA Ferrule Slitter
(by Mike McGuire)

This is a simple easy-to-make setup for slitting ferrules for bamboo fly rods. It is similar in part to one described in an article in the January 2010 Power Fibers by Dennis Bertram. What's different is the method of holding the ferrule for slitting, which I think is a little simpler for someone with limited machining skills. It also owes something to some ideas.....(Download the issue here)


PetersonTraveling Angler: 
     An Enjoyable Afternoon on the Water
(by Bob Peterson)

I was able to get out for a while the other day. I went to the local stream for a few hours. The water level was nice so I bushwacked upstream a bit and worked my way down....(Download the issue here)


TalsmaPlaning Clamp Jig
(by Todd Talsma)

After making over 30 rods, I finally decided to come up with a better solution to holding strips down in the groove of the planing form.  When I first started making rods, I tried to hold the strip in place with my fingertips.  Although this worked, as I did more rods (or got…let’s say…more experienced, not older) I found that holding strips this way was just getting more and more problematic....(Download the issue here)


ScottA Night at the Museum
(by Kathy Scott)

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in Livingston Manor, New York, is 450 miles from our home in Norridgewock, Maine.It’s a bit of a trip to teach a bamboo rod making class there, but well worth the miles.That extended class in June, rodmaking immersed in the beauty and history....(Download the issue here)

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