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January 2014, Issue 54

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The January, 2014 issue of Power Fibers contains:


BallingFly Reels for the Contemporary Rodmaker
(by Fred Balling)

Depending on how you count, there are about 1,000 bamboo fly rod builders around the world. The greatest number of rods being built are 8' or less in length and 5 weight or under in line weight. There does not appear to be a proportionate number of equally fine reels to complement the finely wrought smaller rods that are being produced. So many rod makers....


Spezio_SupportFerrule Supports
(by Tony Spezio)

This ferrule support supports the ferrule end of the section when wrapping the ferrules. It has a hole on one end to support the male ferrule and the other end to support the female ferrule. This keeps the end of the section from theof the section.....


WieditzThe GPW Mortise and Tenon Jig
(by Gerd Peter Wieditz)

In this article, we’ll discuss a different method for implementing spliced ferrules to connect mating pieces of any split cane two hand, two or three piece, salmon rod.

For quite some time I have been building two handed Salmon rods. Initially, I have used metal ferrules for connecting the two or three piece rods. I was not satisfied...


Droz_06Travelling Angler:  Patagonia
(by Chip Drozenski)

Argentina is a country that offers many venues for outdoor adventure, eco, hunting, fishing and touring. Rich in history and tradition with the gauchos alive and well in a landscape that’s as good as it gets....


SalmiThe Triangle Construction of Split Cane
(by Tapani Salmi)

Some years ago I visited Egypt and saw some PAPYRUS REEDS growing in the river Nile and noticed that they are triangular in cross section. I realized that the triangle form has to give some advantages to the reed when standing in the constant river flow....


Spezio_Reel_SeatFirewood Reel Seat Inserts
(by Tony Spezio)

While looking through a stack of firewood that my neighbor had I thought I might find some wood that would make reel seat inserts. I took some of the dry wood and gave it a try....


What is a Parabolic Rod?
(by Michael McGuire)

This question comes up perennially in online forums. Because there are two conflicting answers to the question, confusion is the result. The story starts, as is related in chapter 14 of A Master's Guide to Making a Bamboo Fly Rod, with a meeting in 1934 called by Sparse Gray Hackle, with Charles Ritz, John Alden Knight and Everett Garrison attending. Ritz was demonstrating...

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