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July, 2008 - Issue 32

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The July, 2008 of Power Fibers contains:


GeorgeRemembering George
(By Don Taylor, Jody Meador & Wayne Caron)

George was always fond of saying that he was the only member of the Barnes family since 1732 that wasn’t born in Harpswell.  He was born in Lynn, MA, in 1927 to Henry and Fern Louise Barnes.  His father was a yachtsman who had his master’s license by the time he was 21 years old.  He later built lobster boats, some of which are still on the water today.  When George came home from school one day and told his father that his teacher said he should go to college, his dad said, “Well I guess you better go then,” and George’s dad sold his gun to get together the money to send George to the University of Maine where he majored in engineering.  When George graduated from college, he bought two of those guns and gave his father...


EastonClassic Tapers:  Two Granger Tapers
(by Doug Easton)

Much has been written about the Granger rods and their history, and I believe this attention is well deserved.   Among the many strengths of these rods is the quality of the tapers. Goodwin Granger developed his tapers in his Denver rod shop, in isolation from the rodmakers in the East, according to A.J. Campbell. Granger was a tournament caster as well as an angler and outdoorsman who demanded much from his tackle and who developed rods to meet his needs. In 1918, Granger started...


BolinMilling Tapered Strips with a
    Benchtop Planer

(by David Bolin)

Automating the beveling and tapering process is at the top of list for most rodmakers.  But for many of us, the cost of a production machine is overkill.  Most have made a router beveller, thought about making a double cut beveller, and some of us have even been known to search E-Bay for the parts to make a CNC machine.  Automating the milling process has been a personal goal since day one.  Not that I don’t like hand planing.  I’d rather be hand planing than running a noisy machine.  I think my family would agree.

Todd asked me to write up the milling process mentioned on my blog.  I was honored that he was willing to take a chance on an amateur rod maker...


BellingerTool Lanyard
(by Lee Bellinger)

This project is fun and simple to make. The cost is next to nothing and the lanyards make great gifts for your flyfishing friends. The beads are turned on a lathe. First cut small blocks of the wood you intend to turn. I used scrap wood from turning reel seats or pen blanks would be great. Cut the wood....


The Waggle
(by Ralph Moon)

Have you ever been in a fly shop and watched someone pick up a rod and waggle it?  Ever wonder what he is doing?  Is there a method to his actions, or is it just the same instinct that prompts us to touch the surface behind a wet paint sign?  Probably for most fly fishers, it is simply the need to feel how a fly rod feels in the hand.  However....


Ford_KnurlVintage Stylin’ Rope Knurl
(by Frank Ford)

It's an old time style knob with a convex rope knurl.

I'd been thinking about giving it a try for some time, and this weekend I decided to go for it.  

I started by making a small end mill that would make a ninety degree V-cut...


Ford_Tool_RestFreehand Tool Rest
(by Frank Ford)

Having been a woodworker all my life, I still find old habits surfacing when I machine metal. Here's the result of my frustration at not being able to turn metal parts the way I could work with hardwoods...


ReevesVarnishing Cabinet
(by Greg Reeves)

I have recently jumped with both feet first into the craft/art of bamboo rodmaking.  Since the beginning of my obsession just 6 short months ago, I have already tried several paths available to the budding rod maker for splitting, node staggering, node preparation, etc.  As for finishing, I have tried rubbing down the blank with a furniture wax, the balloon and bottle method, the turkey baster method, and the drain tube.  Rubbing down the blank...


SchollRecycling Incorrect Mortised Reelseats
(by Friedrich Scholl)

Everyone who knows the bad feeling after incorrectly cutting a mortise in a reel seat made from a beautiful wood will find here another use for those “mistakes” in this article. Many times, I tried to rebevel a damaged mortise without any good results. Then, I got an idea...


St_ClairWrap Finish Project
(by Mike St. Clair)


To explore alternative formulas to the post-2006 EPA restricted finishes. Current formulations of both Spar Varnish and Spar Urethane have been stripped of nearly all drying agents, creating long, unpredictable turning/drying times and results.

(A recent attempt to finish wraps spurred this test. After over two hours of turning a section, I hung the section in my curing cabinet...

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