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July, 2010 -  Issue 40

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The July, 2010 issue of Power Fibers contains:


SteinbachA New Use for Your Unwanted Bamboo
(By Richard Steinbach)

There is a small manmade lake near my home in Albany, NY, called the six-mile waterworks. It is within walking distance and right smack underneath the I 87 Northway and next to the major toll booths connecting to the I 90 NYS Thruway.  It is reputed to once have had some good sized fish in it. 

Sounds like an unlikely place to fish but trout are stocked each spring even though the big fish probably eats most before the lake warms up. There are resident populations...


EastonClassic Taper:  8’6” WeberKraft by Heddon
(by Doug Easton)

John C. Frost, a Stevens Point Wisconsin man, learned fly fishing in the East and brought his tackle to Wisconsin in the late 19th century.  He was not a fly tier and his supply soon ran out.  He found it necessary to order his flies from England, which was in many ways unsatisfactory. Fortunately for Frost, his daughter, Carrie taught herself to tie flies, and by 1896 she was tying flies professionally.  This initiated an industry which prospered in Stevens Point...


SchollLittle Hollowing Jig with a Dremel
(by Friedrich Scholl)

A simple but useful construction for hollow building rods in fluting or scalloping style.

Tools and materials needed...


SpezioRodmaking 101, Part III
(by Tony Spezio)

In the last issue we were ready to plane the inner apexes. Before we get into that I want to show a simple way to bind the sections if you do not have a binder. I use both the Garrison type and the four string binders seen....


Sharpening Bevel Up Irons
(by Brent Beach)

Bevel up irons have been traditionally restricted to blocks planes, shoulder planes, and a very few larger planes. The historical failure of these large planes to become more popular is puzzling in light of their apparently very good performance.

This article is not setting out to prove whether or not bevel up planes work. They do work. This page sets out to discover if there are any sharpening problems particular to bevel up planes.

I think that you will see that the problem is quite subtle. If you sharpen well, you won't have any particular problems. If you don't sharpen well, the planes will...


McGuireA Jig for Scallop and Dam Hollowing
         (by Mike McGuire)

It is useful to consider hollow construction for a bamboo fly rod to reduce its overall weight, and to reduce its swing weight or longitudinal moment of inertia.  At the point in the construction where I would do this, I have split the bamboo into strips, straightened them, dealt with the nodes, rough beveled, and planed them to final taper. This is a lot of work. The possibility of ruining a strip...


BogartClassic George Halstead Style Ferrules
      (by James E. (JED) Dempsey &
              Chris Bogart)

In the previous articles, we have laid the groundwork for looking at what I call the gold standard in ferrules. This article captures our presentation at this year's Rodmaker’s meeting at Corbett Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

George Halstead is one of the least appreciated master craftsman that practiced making fly rods. He worked at Leonard from 1920 to 1925. Then he was hired by Jim Payne to update their metal work from 1925 to 1937, thus impacting two of the premier rodmaking shops of his time. His real legacy lives on in people unknowingly appreciating his work...


Spezio_Wood_FormsWood Planing Forms, Part I
(by Tony Spezio)

For those that plan on making just a few rods or can't invest in metal forms, why not make a set of wood forms. If you have access to a thickness planer and a router, it can be done for a very reasonable cost.

In this article, I will try to show how I would do it. I prefer flush screws on each side of the forms. Photo 1 shows the forms with flush screws and....


ArguelloJoe’s Rod Shop Tutorials -
     Getting the Most out of Pen Blanks
          (by Joe Arguello)

Well, as we all know there are a bunch of nice pen blanks out there. Many of these are some of the most beautifully figured burl woods available at a good price, or maybe not such a good price. How about if you could get them for half the price? Well if you get two reel seats out of one blank, isn't that just what you have done? In my strange way of thinking...

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