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July, 2011 - Issue 44

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The July, 2011 issue of Power Fibers contains:


Bogart_bookBook Review:  Larry Tusoni’s RodDNA Designer
(By Chris Bogart)

This new software program and book marks another leap forward for anyone who wants to design bamboo fly rods. After Larry Tusoni created RodDNA, we had a series of long talks on what a real rod design program should be. Up to then, everything has been to enable someone to engage in rod tweaking.  The conceptual new program would give a rodmaker a total design environment along the lines of Adobe Photoshop where you can build complex items using basic building blocks...


StrixnerThe 18 Strip Rod
(by Christian Strixner)

All over the world the number of rod makers is growing faster than bamboo in China can grow – which is fantastic!   New, skilled artisans join the community in every part of the world each year.

Garrison and Charmichael’s Masterīs Guide to Making a Bamboo Fly Rod gained the status of a bible. Not only the new disciples follow Garrisonīs dogma religiously. Based on Garrisonīs profound knowledge, many rods have seen the light of day once they emerged from handymenīs basements.

To even outperform a cane rod, based on Garrisonīs knowledge, makers experiment with many different parameters up to today. Oven temperature, time of exposure to heat, glue, varnish, impregnation, different configurations such as quads, hexes, pentas, twisted rods...


CarterInexpensive Binding
(by Billy Carter)

I got this idea to bind without a binder from Ray Gould's book first off, so thank you to Ray. It's an inexpensive method of binding using braided sleeve and a rack made from 2 x 4 scraps. My rack is 2' wide and 6' high with hardwood plates on the top and bottom. You will need four open eye bolts w/lag bolt thread for the bottom and four open eye bolts with S.A.E. thread with nuts and washers for the top. The bottom eyes are turned in permanently. On top you drill four holes lined up with the bottom hooks, you insert the eyes from the bottom...


kopeAnd Now for Something Completely Different
(by Robert Kope)

I've been riding bicycles a lot longer than I've been making bamboo rods.  Like most people, I started riding bicycles as a child.  In 1984, I bought a good touring bicycle that I still use to commute to work.  I've also got a couple of mountain bikes.  Since getting into bamboo rodmaking, I have developed a fondness for all things bamboo.   I've made bamboo knitting needles for my daughter, mechanical pencils, and a billiard cue, just to name a few.  A couple of years ago I came across pictures of the beautiful bamboo bicycle frames....


Bogart_FerruleFerrules - Last but not Least
(by James (JED) Dempsey & Chris Bogart)

As we have said in earlier articles, ferrules were an integral part of classic rod design and rod making. As Lawson Upchurch, who made the ferrules at Payne said, they matched the ferrules to the rod to make a complete package. The ferrules are integral to the classic taper.

It seems today that a lot of the understanding and wisdom the classic rodmakers had about ferrules has been lost in the sands of time. People think if they have the Payne 98 taper then they know it all. To compound the issue, tapers have truncated to 5” stations and have lost the critical step-down across sections information. People then do not hesitate to substitute...





EW Edwards DeLuxe and Stepping Off the Ledge
(by Jack Holdridge)

I received an email today from Art Parramoure regarding the two tips to my Edwards DeLuxe he is scarfing.  Art was pretty concerned as to the varnish condition on the tips and if the rod was in the same condition, a complete refinish was warranted.  Ever since I bought the rod on the 1st of March, I have had that fact in the back of my mind.  When it comes to refinishing a nice old rod with historic script, you begin to have doubts as to if you are up to the job or if you should farm it out to an "expert."

When I bought this rod I didn't know if it was going to be an investment or if it would occupy a spot in my nice walnut rod rack my father-in-law built for me a couple of years ago.  With the scarfs and shipping, I will be at an investment of $500 on this rod. Not really too much for the caliber of rod it is, but still for a guy working up to 60 hours...


ArguelloJoe’s Rod Shop Tutorials:
     Drawn Cap and Rings
(by Joe Arguello)

Well, a while back there was talk about drawing cups and rings for reel seats. This has always interested me so I thought I would give it a whirl! First off I want to give Gary Dabrowski a great big thanks for his excellent article on how to make the necessary tools and dies.

Well, I spent an entire weekend making the necessary tools...

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