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July 2014, Issue 56

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The July, 2014 issue of Power Fibers contains:


DrakeExtreme Super Hollow Tip Repair
(by Jerry Drake)

Big, lead-eyed flies and extreme hollowing do not mix very well. This rod is a 9' for 9 weight and can toss some pretty big flies sporting big lead eyes.

I had this broken tip lying around and wondered if it was possible to splice a new section onto it. Since the mill was set up to make a new tip, I went ahead.....


BogartSawing Cane at Grayrock
(by Chris Bogart)

Sawing cane always has been one of those topics that never show up at Rodmakers Gatherings. How to split cane is a frequent topic for gatherings.  So when JED Dempsey decided to make the trip to Grayrock to demonstrate the Heritage Bamboo Band Saw Jig it was breaking new ground.....


ChristiansenPlaning on the Level
(by Ed Christiansen)

I started building rods in 2007 and quickly concluded that I was not good at planing.  When I measured the strips the numbers were very inconsistent and my angles were bad. I surmised that this was because I was not holding the plane (a Lie-Nielson block plane) level.  I read Harry Boyd's article on fixing bad angles and that helped a great deal, but I was spending too much time.....


TuckerTraveling Angler: 
     Bamboo, Bass and Bugs
(by Jason Tucker)

I received a message from Facebook friend Lee that he would be up north attending a bamboo rod event in Grayling. He's one of those people who like or comment on your social media posts but you don't know from Adam. He seemed like a decent guy and so I told him I'd take him fishing. He's a bamboo rod builder from southwest Michigan....


Deflection and Stress Analysis of a Bamboo Fly Rod
(by Bryan Coles)

As part of my bamboo adventure I’ve read, with interest, many articles regarding what I will call the ‘analytic design’ of bamboo fly rods.  Being a mechanical engineer by trade I really resonated with the desire to develop an analytic foundation on which we can advance our craft.  Unfortunately, the more I read, the less satisfied I became.  I read and studied Chapter 14 in the “Bible” and wrote my own Excel  spreadsheets to duplicate all of Garrison’s calculations.  I bought a copy of RodDNA and learned to use its tools to predict/evaluate the action of various....

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