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October, 2010 -  Issue 41

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The October, 2010 issue of Power Fibers contains:


Dean60 Degree Node Pliers
(By Brett Dean)

I’ve been fly fishing for almost sixteen years and building bamboo fly rods for two. Through these years, I’ve gathered all the necessary tools to have a small production shop in my garage. You can probably say I’m in it now for the long haul. In the spring of 2008 a client and fly fishing buddy told me about a bamboo rod making class in San Diego County. Totally stoked on the idea...


Hossack_ReelSeatsReel Seats - A Slightly Different Way
(by Ron Hossack)

We all have our little ways of doing inserts. I know there are some folks who use wood lathes to do it. Most of my ways aren't any different, but I may have a couple of different things.

Someone asked me if I had a picture of the spalted hackberry on a reel seat. I didn't, so I ventured out into my garage...)


BogartLessons Learned - Pushing N/S
(by Jed Dempsey & Chris Bogart)

As we progressed along in the effort to push draw 18% Nickel Silver tubing using an arbor press, we realized that some people had seen far better results than others. It wasn’t until JED encountered a problem using his new ratcheting arbor press from MSC that we realized there were a number of issues that have to be addressed.  Push drawing using an arbor press requires a tuned tool. This article addresses the issues for those who choose that method and hopefully helps them avoid several pitfalls.

The first major lesson is to get a good arbor press. It is far better to find a good used one than a cheap one.  I have been through several...


Spezio_RodmakingRodmaking 101, Part IV
(by Tony Spezio)

As I mentioned at the beginning of this series, I believe in keeping things simple. We will now go on with building up the rod.  Installing the grip is the next step.

To make things easier and less expensive if just getting started, get a preformed grip. If desired, you can doctor this grip up a bit. While you’re at it, you might want to get a reel....


Hossack_Finish_TestReel Seat Finish Test
(by Ron Hossack)

I’m not as talented as most of you folks around here but I do try to think outside the box and be 'thought provoking' if not controversial on some things (methods, equipment, products). Change is not good just for change’s sake ... on the other hand change is good if there is merit to it.

I personally like to read about the trials and errors and approaches..


Spezio_FormsWood Planing Forms, Part II
(by Tony Spezio)

In the last issue, we made up the forms (Photos 1 and  2).  Now  we  will  cut  the 60-degree grooves. First, we will need to make up a taper board. The taper board is made from two lengths of hardwood and some machine screws. The screws work like the push/pull bolts...

ArguelloJoe’s Rod Shop Tutorials -
     Fitting and Mounting Ferrules
          (by Joe Arguello)

First here is some of the stuff we need, not much really. Notice the ferrules are from Classic Sporting Enterprises/Bailey Woods (802) 525-3623.....No web page, you just have to call him and he or someone in his family will answer the phone and take your order, this in itself is a real pleasure ........ Great people! And during the Maple Syrup season...

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