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October, 2012 - Issue 49

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The October, 2012 of Power Fibers contains:


BarreiroBamboo Oven
(by Steve and Manny Barriero)

I am 27 years old, from North West province South Africa, I am three years into building bamboo fly rods.

I walked into my favorite fly fishing tackle and travel store and said I wanted to build bamboo fly rods and I borrowed  A Masters Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod  from one of South Africa’s bamboo fly rod gurus. One of the points....


DozerBamboo Switch Rods -
     What’s It All About?
(by Dave Dozer)

I remember participating in a Spey Casting Clinic in 2005 on the Sandy River in Northwestern Oregon.  George Cook, a well-known Spey Casting Instructor and the Northwest Sales Representative for Sage, was talking about a new kind of two-handed rod that Sage was releasing called a Switch Rod.  The idea behind a switch rod was to make a rod available with the two-handed casting characteristics of a traditional Spey rod, yet smaller and light enough to be handled as a single-hand fly rod as well…hence the name “Switch Rod.”  At the time, I didn’t pay too much attention to the idea as it sounded more like a marketing approach...


FischerA Maple Case for Precious Rods
(by Roland Hidlebrand &
         Jürgen Fischer)

Northern Germany is a region where fly fishing is mainly fishing in the salt and not very many fly fishers have been in contact with split cane rods. As a first contact with bamboo, we arranged a little class on making lightweight PMQs. That exercise took place in a professional workshop for introducing young people to woodworking, and is led by Roland Hildebrand. During this course we arranged the following trade – a wooden transport...


GoweMHM Corner:  Flattening Bamboo
(by Ken Gowe)


Because most bamboo rods I have see are wavey along the top enamel surface, along the entire length. This process will insure total top enamel surface flatness for the entire length of all strips.

For MHM users only……..

Using a roughing anvil, set up the anvil on the MHM...

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