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October 2000 - Issue 1

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The October, 2000 issue of Power Fibers contains:


Ferrule Making 101
(By Dennis Bertram)

Here is the procedure I use to machine ferrules from tubing.  It is based on instructions from Dave LeClair.

First machine the female
Machine water checks...


The Taper Sheet:  Hand Mills, Quadrates and Conversions
(by Bob Maulucci)

When I started building, I primarily focused on traditional hexagonal bamboo rods.  This format has been the most widely accepted, due to the ease of use having only one form.  I learned to make my first rods on hex forms purchased from Lon Blauvelt of Maine.  They produced rods that were as good as my skill could muster.  I knew it would not be long...


Rodmaker Profile:  R.A. Fick
(by Bob Maulucci)

Rick Fick is one of the emerging names in bamboo rodmaking.  His rods are hot items and sell for top dollar on bamboo rod lists and internet auctions.  It is Rick’s lifetime passion for flyfishing that slowly brought him to become the fine builder that he is today.

Rick lives on a medium size farm in Northwest Indiana, and he puts in a good amount of mileage each year fishing and testing demo rods across the upper Mid West.  “I fish for...


Adding Serrations to Ferrules
(by R.L. Nunley)

Making serrations on the ferrules is an easy task.  I use a slitting saw and arbor that I got from ENCO (about $25 with  extra  blades).  You can make your slit as wide or narrow as you want within reason, but I make mine....

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