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October 2002 - Issue 9

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The October, 2002 issue of Power Fibers contains:


splitting_caneBook Review:  Splitting Cane
(By Tom Goodman)

Ed Engle is known by many for his technical expertise, advanced in his earlier book, Fly Fishing the Tailwaters, for his many articles in Fly Fisherman and Fly Tyer magazines, and for his friendship with other well-known professionals among the Colorado fly fishing and cane rod community....


Brad Love’s Ferrule Station Cutters
(by Joe Byrd)

This has been an exciting time in rodmaking.  Plenty of new and exciting toys are coming down the pike, and the best part of it all is; I get to play with them.  To me, this is the “Golden Age” for rodmakers.

This article is going to be devoted to Brad Love’s...


Catskill Gathering Diary
(by Carl DiNardo)

September 6, 2002

Made it to Roscoe!  It was about a seven hour drive at a pretty good clip.  Got in at 11:00 P.M. and checked into our motel, then off to the Roscoe Motel to see if the reception was still...


A Cast From the Past
(by Troy Miller)

Last month, I had a dream.  It involved a bamboo fly rod gathering held in the Northern Rockies.  For some reason, a master cane rodmaker named Ralph Moon asked me to throw together a little casting event...


The Amhearst Scarborough
(by Doug Easton)

I like unusual rods, ones that come from the shops of less known makers.  In collecting I look for rods that approach or reach the quality level of makers like Leonard, Granger and Edwards but for some reason...


A Question
(by Ralph Shuey)

For years I have been plagued with the question - what happens to a bamboo rod over time?  Or, more accurately, can you “wear out” a bamboo rod and more importantly, how do you know when it’s worn out?  Given all the rods....


Bamboo Wear and Tear
(by Bob Maulucci)

When Ralph Shuey mentioned wanting to do a piece on breaking down of cane rods, I knew that I had to pose the question to other rodmakers.  So, I dug out my e-mail contacts and zipped off a question to the very best rodmakers...


A Page from a Fly Fisherman’s Diary:  Jim Payne
(by Hal Bacon)

When I began keeping a fishing diary some years ago, I entertained hopes of its becoming the repository of enviable records of high piscatorial achievement.  As I look at it today, however, the strong suspicion arises that the weight of its pages exceeds that of the catches they record.  Indeed, after reviewing these accounts...


Metolius River Fly Fishing Fair and Bamboo Rod Fair
(by Chris McDowell)

The community of Camp Sherman lies about fifteen road miles West and North of the town of Sisters in the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains.  Nestled among the meadows...


Little Billy
(by Mark Wendt)

We don’t realize how big a difference we can make in someone’s life.

When I was in my mid to late teenage years, I spent most of my time with...


The Montour Creek Rod
(by Jim Wilcox)

I named this rod Montour Creek after a neat little creek full of wild cutthroats that flows into...


Rodmaker Profile:  Bjarne Fries
(by Bob Maulucci)

Over the last few months I have had the extreme pleasure of reading and publishing Bjarne Fries’ ideas on ferrule design and building.  It is obvious to me that he possesses a genius that sits him close to the top of the rodmaking world.  I knew that if I asked some simple questions...

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