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October 2007, Issue 29

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The October, 2007 of Power Fibers contains:


SchneiderMini Beveler/Thickness Planer
(By Don Schneider)

Bevelers and Thickness Planers don’t have to be large and complicated devices. You may have most of the materials/tools lying around your shop to complete this project with very little additional cost. If you have a router and a straight bit you have just about everything...


harmsBook Review: Split & Glued by Vincent C. Marinaro
(by Kathy Scott)

Split and Glued by Vincent C. Marinaro is exactly what one might expect from the trio of Bill Harms, Tom Whittle, and Kim Mellema: a treasure chest. 

Penned mostly by Harms in collaboration with Whittle's technical knowledge and Mellema's incomparable illustrations, this comprehensive volume may have started as a celebration of a friend, but that was only the beginning.  In 300 colorful pages with over 300 illustrations, we are offered a wealth of rodmakers' riches: letters, photographs, history and heritage, graphic analysis, taper charts, performance testing, and documentation of the community spirit that is rodmaking today.  To our good fortune, Stony Creek...


spezioMaking Nodeless Strips
(by Tony Spezio)

Al Medved showed this nodeless splicing set up to me several years ago. I finally got around to making my first nodeless rod. With Al's permission to do an article, I am now getting around to it.

This is the way I made my setup. Al's fixture is a lot more refined than the one I made. I used a Trim Router from Harbor Freight...


CalvielloWorkshop Corner
(by Marcelo Calviello)



EastonClassic Taper:  Montague Red Wing
(by Doug Easton)

A.J. Campbell in his book Classic and Antique Fly Fishing Tackle says Even today many collectors believe that Montague rods are crapola until they see a nice Red Wing in a short length and in excellent condition.” The top two Montagues, the Red Wing and the Manitou, are very collectible and can compete in terms of quality and performance with any of the best production rods. These rods are often associated....


ShayThe Frankenpregnator
(by Mike Shay)

Just like all things rodmaking, there are a hundred ways to skin a cat.

The cat I needed skinning was impregnating reel seats.  It was a problem I had on my mind for many years.  It was brought to a head by having two seats on customers  rods fail in a very short time.  Simply…embarrassing!

My goal wasn’t to fully impregnate a piece of wood, though this contraption seems to do just that. The goal was to STABILIZE a piece of wood.  To keep it from checking...


Bamboo Rodmaking 2007
(by Tom Morgan)

I wrote this dissertation to a Hand Mill user who was asking me about whether or not he was being too critical in his rodmaking.  He also asked about how to choose a rod design.  I decided to share many of my thoughts about rodmaking and some of the difficulties involved in selecting a design that aren’t always apparent.

As a rodmaker, where are you getting the taper patterns and dimensions for your rods?  If you are getting them out of a book then I think you can forget great accuracy.  Let me explain....


Trahan2007 Colorado Rodmakers Reunion
(by Adam Trahan)

Recently I started on the path of learning how to make bamboo fly rods. It's been a long journey just to get to the trailhead but I'm well on my way now and it's time to take a look back at where I came from.

You see, I've been hang gliding for a long time, off and on, the last time I quit was because of the death of a friend and the death of another friend prevented me from getting back into the air so soon. This time I'll quit because of the same problem I had every time. I fly, fear. Fear of falling, fear of dying...


WhiteThe Unintentional Collector
(by Bob White)

Bamboo fly rods, like most of the other important things in my life, seem to happen to me when I least expect them. "Dave's here," Lisa said looking up from her desk. "And, it looks like he's carrying a few rod tubes... you two might be going fishing this afternoon."

I like friends who bring their dogs along when they come to visit, and Dave's Golden Retriever, "Chief," was already tearing it up with our bird dogs, Mac and Luke. Dave stood in the back yard, clutching several rod tubes in his hands and shaking his head while he watched...

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