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Power Fibers Contributor Guidelines (effective August 2001)


The types of articles that we publish include:

  • Main features of 750-3,500 words, illustrated with original photography or diagrams. Topics could include, but are not limited to articles describing: rodmaking techniques, rodmaker profiles, tool making, fishing with bamboo rods, and using traditional fishing equipment
  • Taper submissions, which should include pertinent taper dimensions, ferrule sizes, configuration, guide spacing, and special notes on the process. Photographs are welcome.
  • Non-bias rodmaking equipment reviews and media reviews (book, magazine, video, DVD, etc). Reviews should include photo of item being reviewed and publishing or manufacturers contact information.

All submissions to Power Fibers containing factual information must be thoroughly and carefully documented. We are very concerned with the safety of our readerships, and the articles submitted should show a conscious attempt to portray the rodmaking craft as one that is safety conscious. The editorial nature of all articles should be unaffected by the magazine’s current advertisers, and the article’s focus should not include blatant self-promotion.

Photographs and Artwork

We can't overemphasize the importance of quality illustrations to accompany submissions.

All photographs and diagrams should be clear and easily read. Maximum size for photographs and diagrams should be 640x480 pixels or approximately 6x4. Photos may be sent as e-mail attachments to or photographic prints may be mailed to our offices for scanning. Jpeg or GIF files should be used (As based on what is most appropriate for the content). Feel free to contact us for help in compressing your photos.

For technique articles drawings or photographs showing the process should be included when appropriate.

Submissions of cartoons are welcome.


Submissions of video taped (VHS or 8mm format) material are encouraged. Clips should be less than 20 minutes total, and all clips will be subject to editing and compression for electronic distribution. All tapes will be returned to the author following the publication of the issue that it appears in.

Submission Procedures

Manuscripts must be word processed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, or another program capable of exporting RTF. We do not accept hand-written manuscripts. The articles may be mailed to our offices on CD Rom or PC compatible floppy disc, or more conveniently, they may be sent to as attachments to your email. The name, address and phone number of the author should be on the first page of the manuscript. The name of the article, the name of the author, and a page number should be on each ensuing page of the manuscript. The author's name (or appropriate credit line) should be marked on each piece of photographic material or artwork submitted, and care should be taken to package all material properly before mailing. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope and attach or enclose sufficient postage for return of the material. Please contact us before sending e-mail submissions.

Payment and Publication Rights

At this time, all articles will be compensated for through advertising space. Each article will be worth one-quarter page of advertising space. We are not currently able to make cash payments for submissions. If you would like to resell your advertising space, let us know so we can transfer the space to your intended recipient.

All submissions are subject to uncompensated republication on the Power Fibers website All submissions will be subject to uncompensated republication in CD Rom issues of Power Fibers.

Power Fibers will not issue a commercial printed version of submissions without settling with the authors of such material for compensation.

It should be noted that Power Fibers is a freely published and distributed magazine. Its content may be printed and distributed by the readership for non-commercial private purposes.

Publication Schedule
Power Fibers magazine is published four times per year. All submissions are due 30 days before the next issue is due out.
Issues are published the
15th day of:

  • October
  • January
  • April
  • July

Please advise us of any change in your address or telephone number so that we may keep our files up-to-date and ensure that your submissions are returned safely. Include both home and office phone numbers as well as any seasonal addresses and e-mail addresses.

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