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April 2001
Issue 3

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The April, 2001 issue of Power Fibers contains:

LeClair Ferrule and Reel Seat Station Cutters

Normally I “lurk” on the rodmakers mailing list, and from time to time post a few questions or observations. I like to sit back on the sidelines to “look and listen” as to what is going on....

Bamboo Rodmakers Database Program

Having an addiction for tapers and all things rod building, I have for the longest time searched for the best way to keep track of tapers. I have tried notebooks, and elaborate folders on my computer...


The Pipe of Fire: FLAMING CANE

Like other journeys in life, my journey into cane land has been a journey of change. Inspiration from fellow rodmakers, mainly through the RODMAKERS Listserv, has inspired me to make all kinds...

Bill Edward’s Quadrates

As my ongoing love affair with four sided “quadrate” rods continues, I find myself digging deeper to find interesting four siders from the classic era. Two rods that have left my bench....

More Tools and Tips

Heat Treating Spare Strips

When planing strips, occasionally one will get damaged, or need to be replaced due to a hidden defect (worm hole, etc). Generally, a spare strip or two has been made in advance to replace the damaged...

Reel Seat Insert Making for the Rod Builder

The real seat and wood insert it often displays has long been an important part of the style, and functionality of the bamboo fly rod. While many materials can and have been used throughout the years on rods built by the many makers...


Four Section Turning Jig

While I have always been pleased with the results I get varnishing the wraps on rods one section at a time, I’ve always hated the time “wasted” while waiting for each section to dry so I could do the next. I have seen commercial...


Splitting Cane

In the task of making a fine split bamboo rod, one of what seems to be the most simple of all the steps can sometimes be the most arduous. There are many methods for splitting...


Ferrule Making: A Simple Slitting Fixture

When I started making my ferrules I was slitting the ends with a fine hacksaw blade. This became a hassle and the slits were not as neat as they should be. I was not in the market to buy an indexer that could cost up to $500.00. One day while fooling around in the shop I saw this scrap of hex stock...


The Ruby River Taper

The Ruby River taper is a nice 8’ 3pc. 5wt that I designed. It will also throw a nice 4wt. It has its roots in Lyle Dickerson’s 7613 rod. These are the planing form...

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