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October 2005
Issue 21

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The October, 2005 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Product Review: Don Schneider’s Nodeless Clamps

A little over a year ago, Don Schneider sent me a sample of a nodeless rod making clamp that he’d designed and made up from Ultra High Molecular Weight (UMHW) plastic. It’s a well designed, simple, and effective clamping jig. This clamp was primarily designed to hold splice joints on strips that have already been rough beveled, but it will also clamp strips...

2005 Metolius River Fly Fishing Fair and Bamboo Rod Fair

I decided that I was going to approach this event differently then in the past. Sure, the focus will always be mainly on the event in itself. But I wanted to add some seasoning, change the flavor, and approach it as a fan and from the aspect of friends just getting together. In the end, that is what this show has very quickly become. It seems that more and more of us start to show up several days early...


A Steelhead Rod for the Pere Marquette

When I first started to build bamboo fly rods, I was intrigued by the notion of fishing for steelhead with cane rods. After reading and re-reading Garrison, I settled on building a Garrison 212 as my first rod. In going over Garrison’s math on the 212 taper I decided...

What’s it worth to you? Part II

In the last issue of Power Fibers, I suggested a method of comparison between different fish to get a comparative worth of each individual fish – the Condition Factor. Most of us are lucky enough to catch more than one fish per session, or we may want to compare fish over one or many more seasons....

Beveler Arbor Construction

Since my power beveler has been on Todd's site (, I have been asked a number of questions on how the cutters are attached to the motor shaft. The cutters are attached to the motor shaft with a step up arbor. The cutters are 2 3/4" X 1/2" 60 degree facing cutters...

Have We Gone Too Far?

My father always told me to never argue about religion or politics. He never once told me, however, that fly rods were to be included. As many of you know, (at least I have told some of you) I have been flyfishing for over 70 years. My first rod was a 9’ three piece bamboo, and for many years that is all that I ever used. After my discharge from the army....


Amateur Experiments with Planing Forms

After completing the first cane rods using hand tools some bamboo rod makers start to use more or less complex mechanized tools: bevelers, lathes, mills etc. Some builders try to make a ”perfect rod” with no visible or invisible errors with more expensive and more beautiful components. I wanted to try other compositions of bamboo rods....


Computer Numeric Control

Starting to write this article was almost as difficult as when I first started to think about building a machine to help me maintain the accuracy I needed to hollow my rods. Where do you start…?

Let me try and start at the beginning.

Ever since I started building bamboo rods I wanted to try and make....


CRR 2005

Mid-July found a stationary high pressure front over the Colorado Rockies with unusually high temperatures. The streams, however, were high and clear due to a 100% winter snow pack in the high country for the first time in years. Many newcomers to Colorado complained of “high waters” but natives knew that these were normal conditions that had just not been seen in quite some time. The upshot was that the wet wading was exhilarating....


Classic Flies: McGinty

Growing up fishing the streams and rivers in Michigan and Indiana, one has many chances to use terrestrial patterns. I carry one box that is completely designated for terrestrials only and it is always tucked away in my vest. It carries the usual black and cinnamon ants, flying versions and wingless, beetles, jassids, small crickets, green oak worms, and bees. The bee pattern that I started with....


RodDNA Workshop

To begin with, let’s assume you have RodDNA open on your computer and select the Models Module menu item to bring up the main models window:

Now you can select a place where you want to insert the new taper into the list of tapers you have displayed. The new taper will be inserted...

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