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October 2001
Issue 5

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The October, 2001 issue of Power Fibers contains:

A Burning Anachronism

Everett Garrison and Hoagy Charmichael’s book The Master’s Guide to Building a Bamboo Flyrod was one of the most eagerly awaited books in my library. I bought it prepublication and simply couldn’t wait until it arrived. I had, you see, been building rods for a few years prior to its publication....

Rodmaking Heresy

Let me first say where I’m coming from. I made my first rods in the mid 1960s, ten years before the Garrison/Charmichael book . I worked alone, using Kreider, Holden and Herter. In those days, all makers were unavailable as information sources ...


A Different Way to Dress Ferrule Tabs

Often, we, as rodmakers, get caught up in what is “classic” or the accepted way to do things. Well, for me, one of those things changed recently. I actually changed something in my rodmaking process, quite an accomplishment for an old curmudgeon...

The Wolverine Creek Rod

Before starting to make rods, I made my tools. One tool I made was the Garrison binder. It was made by the book or as close as I could make it. After I finished, it was tried out on a dowel and I thought it was working perfect. In actual use, it had its drawbacks. The belt would slip: it would also overlap itself....

Tom Morgan: From Flatfish to Flyfishing Icon

To live a flyfisher’s life is one of the truest joys that one can attain. To produce finely crafted rods is a labor of love. To assist others in attaining their goals is a selfless task...

Forms Tuneup

At some time or other there comes a time when it’s time to do some maintenance on your forms. You may sense that something is wrong but can’t put your finger on it...


The Battenkill

Here’s another taper for this month. I named it the Battenkill. It began as a Dickerson 7612, but as usual I made a few changes...


Making Deep Drawn Metal Rod Components

Many bamboo rod makers come to the craft with limited general manufacturing knowledge. We usually begin our journey into bamboo rod making with a focus on how to manipulate the bamboo culm... 

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