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April 2012
Issue 47

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The April, 2012 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Gnarly Trim Wraps

You may have seen people comiserating/whining about doing single turn tag style wraps. I had done them on signature sections but never this style on the whole rod. Man, what a butt kicker! Especially at the top end....

Economical Vise Centering Jaws

When you make wood inserts for reel seats from 1” x 1” chunks of wood, you need a way to drill the center hole through the length of the workpiece. You want to make a the hole nice and straight. If your drill press does not have at least a 4 inch travel like mine, you will need to have a way to flip the workpiece over to drill the other end centered. There are many options...


A Divine Restoration

I have just finished restoring a bamboo fly rod made by the Fred D. Divine Company. As nearly as I can tell, the rod was made in the 1917-1920 period. The reel seat carries a serial number beginning with the letter “H”, which was applied at that time. Divine rods carried a unique reel seat, patented by Fred Divine in 1885, and used on all rods bearing his name. They are made of cedar, stained to a cherry color. The seat is turned...

Making A Simple Ferrule Slitting Holder

Some folks think this is dangerous so let me preface this with the statement that I have never heard of one accident caused by vacuum in a large glass jar.

We are using 'vacuum' not pressure. If the container was to let loose under vacuum you'd be looking at imploding not exploding.

On a perfect day you may get 28" of mercury...

Cork Mortised Reel Seat

First I take some hardwood, I mark the center and put it on the lathe...

Making Ferrules Using Carbon Fiber

My name is Christian Burger and I am a bamboo rod maker from Germany. At the 3rd European Bamboo Rod Makers Gathering in Witten, Germany in 2010, I introduced my way of making ferrules of compound materials. In this case carbon fibers and epoxy resin.

As I travel a lot and didn’t want be without my bamboo rods I needed to build them in multiple pieces so they would fit into my traveling bag. Figuring out the tapers... 

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