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July 2003
Issue 12

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The July, 2003 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Metolius Bamboo Rod and Fly Fishing Fair

The Metolius Bamboo Rod and Fly Fishing Event will be held on Saturday, July 26th at the Camp Sherman Community Center, Camp Sherman, Oregon. This event is sponsered by the Camp Sherman Store (Roger and Kathy White, Camp Sherman) and Quiet Reed Fly Fishing (Don Chen, Corvallis). The event will take place from 10AM-4PM.

The focus will be on contemporary Northwest bamboo rod makers as well as modern fly fishing tools and....

Nickel Silver Blackening Compound 

The proverbial never-ending search for great products is an odyssey for rod makers. So when we find a product that is heads above the others, we tend to really spread the word to our colleagues in the rodmaking fraternity. That’s why it’s no wonder why MegaBlue™ by R.L. Nunley Jr... 


A Dedicated Ferrule Slitter

I like making my own ferrules except having to set up the lathe to slit them. It was not too big a hassle except getting the ferrule centered and parallel to the slitting blade. This took a little time and had to be done for each ferrule. I had been using a system for slitting my ferrules as I wrote about in...

Perfect Ferrule Stations

One of the most difficult aspects of installing ferrules is getting a good fit and at the same time getting it concentric with axis of the rod and straight. The LeClair set of cutters solves this problem but is quite expensive for someone making 2 to 3 rods per year.

My low cost method...

Improved Loop System

The “epoxy” loop was first shown to me almost 2 decades ago by friend and fellow Totem Fly Fisher John Bokstrom. Since then, I have used the loop system for steelheading, lake fishing and cutthroating.

The possible combinations of line configurations is limited only by your imagination. A single thirty-foot length of high density...

Creating the Sans-a-Bitch

This project began when one of our best friends and customers, Mr. Terry Lambacher, asked us to build a quad version of a traditional hexagonal rod we built for him a few years ago based on a Leonard Hunt taper. I’ve watched Terry fish his rod with a WF6 line, making long, smooth, effortless casts. This is a sweet rod, well-suited for casting large flies....


My Greenheart Rod

Some years ago while I was working as Curator of the Federation of Fly Fishers International Fly Fishng Center (IFFC), I received a donation of a number of old rod sections. The sections were all from 19th century hardwood and bamboo rods. The bamboo was not split cane, but was in ferruled sections and generally included butt sections. The mid sections and tips...


Packing Cane: Best Option Please?

A recent trip to Europe just helped illustrate an old problem facing the cane rod building community, and their customer base. Because of increased security aspects of international travel, as well as thoughts of convenience, more of us desire to pack our rods in our checked luggage. This option limits us...


Rodmaker Profile: M.F. Calviello

Marcelo Calviello’s story is one that may sound familiar to our readers. He began making rods in his native Argentina, and his isolation led him to become a great innovator, finding ingenious solutions to supply shortages. Like Bjarnes Fries, another innovative hand planer, Marcelo has created...


Don’t Sniff the Gas: Reading MSD Sheets

”Don’t sniff the gas; don’t drink the oil.” Even as I said the words, moderate groaning and only mild chuckles responded. The veterans on the work crew knew what my words meant: grab a cup of coffee and get a comfortable seat. It’s safety meeting time.

As boring as it seems...


The Dangerous Petition, Part II

I’m camping with Republicans. This is a first. As I walk about the campgrounds, a large, older woman with shorts and too blonde hair makes a point of saying hello. She has the look of a well-dressed Walmart shopper - visually clean, shorts and matching sleeveless top, white sneakers and socks without tops, heavy mascara. It’s not typical camp wear...

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