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January 2011
Issue 42

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The January, 2011 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Turning Eccentric Mortises in Reel Seats

It was clear to me that making my first bamboo rod would include making my own reel seat timber insert. Of course there are plenty of exceptional pieces already made available by those who know and are in the business of supplying rod makers. But many of us want to give our rods a personal touch and enjoy the satisfaction of making the seat timber ourselves. Here in Australia, we are fortunate to have some of the most beautiful and interesting hardwood burls which lend themselves to lesser and greater degrees...

European Rodmaker’s Gathering - Witten, Germany

Rodmakers Gatherings still don’t have a very long tradition in Europe. In the year 2006 a Swiss group of rodmakers ( started with the first International Rodmakers Gathering in Sarnen, Switzerland to promote exchange of experience among the European community of rodmakers. Since this starting event, rodmakers from all over Europe meet every year somewhere...


Rodmaking 101, Part V

This will be the last installment on Rodmaking 101. If you note, some photos are older and some newer. Trying to do the action and take photos at the same time with no one to take the photos was a bit of a chore. I did have my rodmaking buddy Dean here to take some of the photos...

Reel Seat Finish Follow-Up

Well, my totally unscientific test of some Gloss Waterborne Finishes is complete as far as it is going to go at this point.

What prompted this test in the first place is that my normal choice of rod finish is Klass Kote which is a urethane product. When I was ready to do some wraps I found my can of epoxy upside down on the floor with the lid off and a nice mess on the concrete....

Penobscot Gathering 2010

Maine’s Penobscot River flows past the Eddington Salmon Club, filling a wall of windows specially designed to capture the heart and imagination. From their vantage point, club members are immersed in its sights and sounds, the memories of the great runs of Atlantic salmon, and the hope that their numbers will swell again one day. The second weekend of October, though, it is rodmakers...

MHM Corner: A Rough Planing Tip for the MHM

As a Morgan Hand Mill user I rely on the mill for roughing strips (I’m not a rough beveling convert yet). But using the hand mill, I experienced problems early on during the roughing of strips, especially when preparing longer strips of cane. Despite my best efforts at keeping the strips on top of the anvil, invariably some of them would shift laterally or in some cases, flop off the narrow surface of the anvil during planing. The results of this were that some strips...


Classic Taper: 8’ 6wt Edwards Bristol F-18

Often we dismiss out of hand a really nice rod because of the company it keeps. In my mind this is what has happened to an overly large proportion of the output of the Edwards family. The history of the Edwards family and their patriarch Eustis (EW) Edwards is well portrayed in books by Patrick Garner and George Black. The end of the story interests me almost as much as does...


Fourth Annual Eastern Sierra Rod Makers Gathering

About twenty bamboo rod makers from throughout California met on the second weekend in October in Bridgeport, California for the fourth annual). Hosted by Larry Tusoni, owner of High Sierra Rods in Angels Camp, California, the gathering was an opportunity for like-minded craftsman to come together to catch up on news with friends...


Rodmaker’s Guide to Changing the Bosch 1617EVS Bearings

I have three Bosch 1617EVS routers that I use with my JW CNC finish mill. The first was made in USA, the second was assembled in USA and the latest was assembled in Mexico. The first router lasted a long time before I had bearing noise. I took it to my not so local (40 miles) factory repair center. I started noticing that the new bearings did not last as long as the original set. Then it dawned on me that the replacement bearings...

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